Top 10 Work From Home Jobs To Do In Nigeria 2020 (Updated)

The best way to adapt to changing world is adapting to new changes. Nowadays, most employees are searching for work from home jobs which pay higher and consume less time. Also, work from home jobs are good option to consider especially during a period of crises or disease outbreak like COVID-19 which can be contracted easily in public offices and gathering

Good paying work from home are often internet related. This means that you need a good smart phone or laptop computer to do your job. Another thing to note is you must do online research to find jobs you can do from home

To reduce the stress of searching for online work from home jobs, we are going to give you top work from home jobs you can do today. For most jobs, you can make your own working schedule or hours why others requires fixed working hours

We will give you a breakdown of best work from home you can do using your smart phone or computer. After reading this article, you will believe that there are actually jobs you can do with your phone and earn more money than those working in a physical office

Top 10 Work From Home / Work From Phone Jobs

If you are interested in working from your phone, then your location shouldn’t be a limiting factor. The jobs listed below can be done from any part of the work and you will receive your payment / salary directly into your bank account

1. Freelance Writer

You may have heard about freelance writer and wondering what it is. We are now going to tell you the meaning and how to start doing this job from today. Freelance writer are employees who write articles for one or more online magazine or blogs. Being a freelance writer, you can publish articles as many as you can in a day. If you are good in writing articles, we recommend you start freelance writer job today. The good thing is that, the more post you publish, the more money you earn

To Excel in this kind of job, you have to write compelling and engaging articles to keep your readers busy. Your readers will always want to visit your page often to read your latest posts / articles

If you want to do this kind of job, your publisher will give you topics to write on. Also, you may be required to write 5 to 10 blog post per week as the case may be.

2. Affiliate Marketing

This may sound too big to you but it more simple than you can imagine. Affiliate marketing (sales) may be a little difficult to start but once you become pro, you will give your testimony. Affiliate marketing or sales simply mean helping a company sale a product. If you are doing this, you will be given a link customers will use and sign up under you.

There are many online affiliate marketing you can join today. Many Nigerians are already doing it and this doesn’t require a start-up capital.

Some of the companies that offer affiliate marketing Programmes includes; Jumia, Konga, Bet9ja, Clickfromnigeria and a host of other companies / organization.

To be successful in affiliate marketing, you need a good computer or phone and also have good internet connection.

Once you register, you will need a blog, social media page like Facebook, instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, or even WhatsApp group to promote your products

Some companies will even go further to provide tools you need to be successful. Hard work is one secret you need if you want to be successful in affiliate marketing programs.

More coming soon!.


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