NYSC & NALDA Back To Farm FG Initiative 2020/2021

National Youth Service (NYSC) & NALDA Back To Farm Federal Government  Initiative Corp Members

Recently, the National Agricultural Land Development Authority has decide to collaborate with NYSC . Read below to see the good news for youths and Corp members.

Indeed, the youths have been put in due consideration for empowerment and skill acquisition. Besides the Skills Acquisition & Empowerment Development (SAED) program which was added to NYSC curricullum, another opportunity is here again.

Recently, the federal government is pleased to announce that Corp members might now have full access to the NALDA RECRUITMENT 2020/2021

As earlier announced by the federal ministry of labour, the beginning of the youth empowerment which involves every young citizen of Nigeria. Now, the NYSC being one of the strongest 1st youth empowerment scheme since 1976 now collaborates with NALDA to recruit.

However, Corp members are given a free license to practice agriculture and earn from it. Nigeria has gone way beyoubd just sitting idol. This is why the federal government has made a way where youths van get involved in agricultural practices and earn while doing so.

Meanwhile, for Corp members who have been asking if this news is true or not, here comes your answer;

Is The News About NYSC & NALDA Recruitment Collaboration Real? 

During a virtual meeting with the NYSC Brigadier, General Shuaibu Ibrahim and management, the executive secretary announced it. Prince Paul Ikonne, who happens to be NALDA secretary announced the collaboration of NALDA with NYSC.

Meanwhile, NALDA intends to do this by initiating the Back To Farm scheme .

Further more, he sincerely mentioned that NALDA is ready to partner with NYSC to empower Corp members. He further added that Corp members will be trained on farm mechanisation and learn how to be self employed.

About Back To Farm Nalda Initiative 2020/2021

Back-to-farm initiative is a federal government initiative through NALDA as one of the youth empowerment programs.

This program was initiated as a means of involving Corp members in agricultural practices. Also, it is one of the means of creating more jobs and solving food security issues in the economy.

Hence, promoting youth employment and at the same time, producing more food for the nation.

Nevertheless, beneficiaries of this skills are expected to be self employed and self reliant after service. As this scheme is generated to reduce the stress of Corp members looking for white collar jobs after service.

How Does NYSC & NALDA Intend To Achieve This? 

The head of NALDA has stated that NYSC has farms nationally, and could be used to engage Corp members at once.

However, NYSC already has used the SAED scheme to empower youths to acquire different skills. Moreover, NALDA is an added advantage for youths which will be beneficial to them on the long run and make them employers of labour.

NALDA Application Portal 

To Apply for NALDA 2020/2021 recruitment, visit www.nalda.gov.ng

Follow the instructions in the portal to apply.

However, NYSC DG, Brigadier General Shuaibu Ibrahim appreciated the federal government for the Back To Farm initiative via NALDA.

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