NECO Geography Questions and Answers 2020 | Essay & Objectives

NECO Geography Questions and Answers 2020/2021. Get free NECO past questions and answers plus exam expo here.

The 2020/2021 NECO is about to begin. Students who registered geography in NECO are already preparing for their exams.

The National Examination Council (NECO) is an examination body which set o’level exams for students every year. The exam is taken by students in their final year in secondary schools.

Also, NECO is written by students in private and government owned schools.

NECO as O-level exam can be used to pursue admissions in higher institutions.

We published this article to help students better prepare for the upcoming examination by giving them free past questions and answers.

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Meanwhile, we suggest you practice online with the questions and answers given here. It will help increase your speed in answering exam questions.

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NECO Geography Questions and Answers 2020/2021 | Essay and Objectives

1. a) Highlight any three main characteristics of each of the following settlement types:
i) village;
ii) town.

b) State any four factors which are responsible for the growth of urban centres.

2. a) Define the following population terms:
i) census;
ii) mortality rate;

b) family planning.Outline any three problems confronting a country that is overpopulated.

c) Highlight any three ways by which the problem of overpopulation can be solved.

3. Write a geographical description of Chad Basin under the following:

a) relief and drainage;
b) people, population and settlement;
c) economic activities;
d) problems of development.

4. (a) Draw an outline map of Africa. On the map, show and name:
(i) any three rivers important for generating hydroelectricity;
(ii) any two dams on two of the rivers.

(b) Outline any five benefits of hydroelectric power to the people of Africa.

How To Pass NECO Geography Examination

NECO is similar to WAEC. The question paper has two sections which are; section A and Section B.

Sometimes, it comes as part A and Part B. All, you have to know is that first section is Theory while second section are objective questions.

The tips below will help you pass your o’level exams in flying colors.

  • Early preparation
  • Be punctual
  • Study hard
  • Make use of NECO syllabus
  • Pray before you start your exam

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