When Is NYSC Re-Opening Camp? | NYSC 2020 Updates

When Will NYSC Re-Open Camp For A New Batch? NYSC 2020 Updates!

Hurray! Finally, we bring to you the latest NYSC updates to keep prospective Corp members and interested persons informed.

This post will clear all the questions you might want to ask about 2020 NYSC related matters. You can read through this article especially if you are a prospective Corp member, a Corp member or you are just interested in knowing NYSC updates.

Recently, based on the pandemic and the outlined safety measures of which the NYSC as a body must follow, a lot of questions have been arising. Questions like;

  • Has Nysc re-opened orientation camps for new corp members?
  • When will NYSC re-open camp for the new batch?
  • What batch will be mobilised next when the camp reopens?
  • Has the orientation camp been cancelled?
  • When will batch C pass out?
  • Would there be biometrics for this month of September monthly clearance?
  • Will batch C stream 1 and stream 2 pass out together?
  • Would there be extension for batch C Corp members?

These questions and many more have been arising since the covid-19 pandemic. Hence, the need to clear the air so that Corp members and prospective corp members do not get confused.

Has NYSC Re-opened Orientation Camps For New Corp-Members?

Currently, following the recent publication and announcement made by the national coordinator of the presidential task force (PTF), the orientation camps have been approves the re-opening of camps.

Finally, the orientation camps have been approved to be opened immediately tertiary institutions resume normal duties. Therefore, prospective Corp members are to prepare to be go to camp.

When Will NYSC Mobilisation Start For The Next Batch?

As earlier stated, camps are set to re-open as soon as tertiary institutions are opened. Meaning, the mobilization of new Corp members by NYSC for their 3 weeks orientation camping will commence as soon as tertiary institutions become active. Hence, students should prepare and make sure that they are done with school clearance. However, this must be done before the commencement of the mobilization because only cleared students will be mobilized.

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What Batch Will Be Mobilised As Soon As Mobilisation Commences?

Actually, considering that the batch A corp members which couldn’t finish their 3 weeks orientation before the lock down as a result of the pandemic; The next batch which will be mobilised is batch B for their 3 weeks orientation camp.

However, the question of ” Will Batch A continue their 3 weeks orientation camp which they didn’t conclude?” Is also an important question but the answer is NO!

As it stands now, the batch A corp members are actually locating their different primary places of assignment (PPA).

Have Corp-Members Been Called Back To Their Various PPAs?

Well, this answer is subjective to different states and state coordinators thereof. Meanwhile, while some states have been called back, others have not.

For example, Ebonyi state corpas have been asked to resume as well as some other states. Also, attendance and head count were also taken in such areas.

However, no particular dates has been officially announced for the commencement of full activities.

When Is Batch C Passing Out Parade (POP)

Right now, no official date has been announced for the passing out parade of the batch C corp members. However, we are here to update you as soon as any dates are released for this purpose. If you want to get our updates and notifications, kindly indicate or bookmark and visit this page frequently for more updates.

Furthermore, among the batch C corp members, batch C1 and batch C2 are likely to not pass out together because they didn’t enter the camp together. However, no particular date has been given for this either.

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Make sure that you confirm information from the right sources before spreading them. All corp members have the access to call their state coordinators, local government inspector (LGI or LI) Assistant LI or CLO for any information.

Also, you can trust us to bring you updates when there are any from NYSC just to make sure you have the right information as the right time.

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Meanwhile, feel free to ask any questions you have in the comment section as well as drop your comments and they will be attended to promptly.

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