Nigerian Navy Salary Structure And Ranks [Updated]

The Nigerian Salary Structure And Rank Structure; Recent Update.

Very importantly, one of the best inquiry to make before applying for recruitment into any job especially the armed forces is salary range or structure. As a result, this post is published to assist those who are interested in knowing what the reputable Nigerian Navy officer earns monthly or annually.

To know the salary structure of this armed force, it is important that you read this post till the end and get the information you seek.

Also, we will not only discuss the salary structure but the rank structure too because they go hand in hand.

Just like in other armed forces, military and paramilitary, the salary structure is usually different according to ranks. So, the higher rank you reach, the more your salary increases.

Hence, the salaries of any Naval officer depends on his/her rank.

That’s being said, it is also important to note that besides the stipulated monthly salary, there are also other allowances enjoyed by the Navy.

However, in this article, we will major on the salary structure and ranks int he Nigerian Navy.

Also, we will give answers to the questions like;

  •  How much do Navy recruits make?
  • What is the salary structure of Nigeria Navy
  • Also, which force is the highest paying force in Nigeria?
  • What is the lowest rank in Nigeria Navy?
  • What is Nigeria Trainee salary monthly?

These questions and many more will be clarified in this post, so read carefully and get your answers straight.

Nigeria Navy Salary Structure 2020

Nigerian Navy Rank Salary (per annum) Salary (per month)
Admiral ₦16,303,140 ₦1,358,595
Vice-Admiral ₦13,363,229 ₦1,113,602
Rear Admiral ₦12,038,945 ₦1,003,245
Commodore ₦7,385,856 ₦615,488
Captain ₦3,715,859 ₦309,655
Commander ₦3,380,086 ₦281,674

Nigeria Navy Rank Structure (From The Highest To The Lowest)

Below is the categories of ranks we have in the Nigeria Navy;

Ranks For Non-commissioned Navy Officers

  • Warrant Chief Petty Officer;
  • Chief Petty Officer;
  • Petty Officer;
  • Leading Rating;
  • Able Rating; – Ordinary Rating;
  • Nigerian Navy Naval Officers Salary Scale

Ranks For Commissioned Navy Officers

  • Admiral of the Fleet;
  • Admiral;
  • Vice-Admiral;
  • Commodore;
  • Captain;
  • Commander;
  • Lieutenant Commander;
  • Lieutenant;
  • Sub-Lieutenant;
  • Acting Sub-Lieutenant;
  • Mid-Shipman.

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