How To Withdraw Money From Racksterly To Personal Bank Account

Hello Racksterly subscribers this article will teach you how to withdraw your earnings form your Racksterly account to your personal bank account. 

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You you have already signed up for Racksterly account, then this process will be very easy for you. Also, those having problem withdrawing their money to personal account will learn how to resolve the issue at the end of this article.

Get Paid On Racksterly

Remember you provided your bank account when signing up for Racksterly. It is also possible to change your bank account but names on the back account must match the names in your Racksterly profile.

How Long Does It Take To Receive My Withdrawal

Racksterly pay instantly. Usually, it takes only few minutes for you to receive alert once you cash out your earnings. The good news is that you can withdraw everything you have in your Racksterly Account.

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What Is The Minimum Amount To Withdraw?

Your money belongs to you!. You can withdraw any amount you like once you have provided correct back account details. Also, you are allowed to close / suspend your account if you are no longer interested in the programme.

What Banks Can I Withdraw To?

You can make withdrawals to any bank account in Nigeria. Your payments are routed through our secure payment system. It will only take less than 24 hours to get your alert. There is no transfer limit. In addition, your BVN is not needed for withdrawal.

How Do I Change My Bank Account Details?

If you entered the wrong account number, you can easily change when you login to your profile. It is very easy to edit your profile and add new account number

We hope this detailed article is helpful to you. If you need more information from us, please post your comments below.

Moreover, you can can contact Racksterly customer care by CLICKING HERE. You will see numbers to call when you visit the website.

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