Check Out Salary Structure and Ranks for Nigerian Airforce

Check Out Salary Structure And Ranks Of The Nigerian Airforce.

Importantly, anyone who wants to work the Nigerian Airforce must know the salary range so that you will know what you are opting for. It is not a thing to be shy to know the salary range because, it is necessary that one knows how much he/she is likely to be paid while securing a job.

Hence, this article is here to tell you everything you need to know about the rank and salary range of the Nigerian Airforce Officers.

About Nigerian Airforce

Just like the Nigerian Army, the Nigerian Airforce is also the one of the military agents in Nigeria that helps to secure the national and return prestige to the country.

When was it Founded?: NAF was established in the year 1964.

Country: Nigeria

Size: 15000 active officers

Objective: Aerial Warfare

After these being told, let us now see the salary range and the different ranks.

However, the monthly salary of the NAF is usually based on rank. There are various ranks in the Nigerian Airforce and these ranks will be enlisted here along with the different salaries.

Nigeria Airforce Salary Structure And Rank

Note – there are two categories of officers whose salaries are different and are based in different levels. They include;

  • Non-commissioned Officers and
  • Commissioned Officers

Monthly Salary for non-commissioned NAF Officers in an ascending order of rank (smallest to highest)

Trainee — N10,000

Cadet — N44,000

Aircraft Person — N53,000

Lance Corporal — N56,000

Corporal — N56,000

Sergeant — N69,000

Flight Sergeant — N87,000

Warrant Officer —N102,000

Master Warrant — N165,000

Air Warrant Officer — N172000

Commissioned Officers month salary in an ascending order of rank (smallest to biggest rank)

Pilot Officer — pilot officers earn up to N187000

Flying officer — flying officers receive N218,000 monthly

Flight lieutenant — Get up to N232,000

Squadron leader — N248,000

Wing commander — N342,000 monthly salary

Group captain — group captains receives N352,000 as monthly salary

Air commodore —gets paid up to N678,000

Air vice-Marshall —  earns about 1,376000 as monthly salary.

Air marshal —Receives about 1, 486000 monthly 

Air chief marshal — earns about 1,724000

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Yes! Airforce officers earn this much though it depends on the level or rank you are in.

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