NPower 2021 Assessment Test Timetable Update

N-Power Batch C 2021 Assessment Test Update Timetable Test Date

N-Power timetable which shows dates for the npower test updates are contained in this article. Therefore, applicants are to check out the timetable.

The dates for writing the tests are different because of the numerous applicants. This is why applicants are to stay updated to know when they will be writing theirs.

In this article, you would see the dates hen every category will write their own test.  You will also know the steps in writing the test. In addition, the secrete of passing the test will be brought to your notice.

Meanwhile, to get all these information as stated above, read this article to the end as more information will be listed out.

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Moreover, only shortlisted applicants are eligible to write this test.

N-power screening has so many phases including the online screening, assessment test and physical verification before deployment.

However, some people are still yet to apply because the application portal is still opened for application.

Nevertheless, If you have not registered and you want to register, kindly click here to apply.

The application will be on till the date for the assessment. Then no further application will be made.  Rather, the successful applicants will be moving to another stage of the screening.

Note: Only applicants who applied online and are successful with the application are eligible to writing this test.

Where Will The Test Hold?

This is a common question applicants ask. However, the answer is this; the test is an online test. Hence, it is written online. Meaning, it is an online based test.

How To Write Npower Test

Importantly, npower applicants should be aware of how to write this test because it determines your being enrolled.

Follow this steps below to write the test

  • Firstly, successful applicants will be sent a text message indicating they are qualified to write the test.
  • Secondly, the directions on what to do next is stated in the text. However you will be directed to write the test by clicking on the portal.
  • The link used to write this test is www.npower.fmhds.gov.ng
  • Afterwards, click on write test.
  • Your test script will be displayed to you on your screen.
  • Fill the answers correctly and submit afterwards.

Nevertheless, this test can be written with your smart phone or laptop or any device that has internet and data.

What To Expect In The Test

This Test will be an assessment test, to test your intelligence and know if you are qualified for the positions you applied for. Hence, it comprises of mathematics, quantitative reasoning, verbal reasoning, current affairs.

Also, a little of verbal reasoning and general questions are contained in the test.

However, different N-power categories have different tests. Therefore, you will be assessed based on the position you applied for.

NPower Assessment Timetable

The N-power assessment timetable is programmed according to specialization. That is, it is according to categories.

For example;

N-power teach will write in a certain period at a row af

After then, N-power build

Later on, N-power Tax

…and so on

After thorough research, we found out that n-power timetable for 2020 batch c recruitment is not yet out.

Meanwhile, the official n-power assessment  timetable is not yet out.

Thus, this site would be updated as soon as the timetable is out.

Disregard any information saying the timetable is nor invitation texts  sent to applicants. Disregard such junk information because it is false! 

How To Prepare For The Test

  • To prepare for the test, ensure that
  • Firstly, you are updated with original information.  To do this, kindly visit this website frequently.
  • Secondly, keep your login password close because you will use this to sign into your profile.
  • Download n-power past questions and answers to prepare for the test before hand.

For more enquiries and clarifications, kindly ask questions in the comment section below.

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