Why Was I Not Shortlisted In The NPower List

Why Was I Not Shortlisted In The N-Power Shortlist; See Why You Were Not Shortlisted & What You Should Do After Checking Your Name.

Considering the N-Power shortlist which was just recently released, a lot of questions and curiosity has been raised. Hence, the purpose of publishing this article is to answer those questions you might have considering the N-Power shortlist.

In this article, applicants who applied for the 2021/2022 N-Power batch C recruitment and were not shortlisted will see why they were not shortlisted and what next they have to do.

Therefore, if you have checked for your name in the N-Power shortlist checking portal and you have not found your name, you should go through this article carefully.

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Furthermore answers to questions like

  • How do I check if I have been shortlisted?
  • Why wasn’t I shortlisted after I applied correctly?
  • Are there more lists to be released?
  • What do I do if I am not shortlisted?

Firstly, let us see the requirements or criteria to get shortlisted so that you can confirm if you did it rightly.

Criteria For Getting Shortlisted in The N-Power Batch C Recruitment

  • Visit N-Power Recruitment portal @ npower.fmhds.gov.ng
  • Entered a valid email address and your phone number
  • Selected the category you want to apply for which certainly fits your qualification
  • You applied for only one position
  • You filled in the correct details and
  • Finally, you submitted the application

Now, if you have checked all of these and you confirm that you did these accordingly, then you should note the following.


N-Power batch c recruitment was meant to recruit 300,000 qualified persons who empower them.

However, you must know that over 5 million Nigerians registered and applied for this recruitment. Hence, not everyone who applied will be shortlisted. Like earlier stated, only 300,000 citizens will be recruited.

Meanwhile, if you have checked in the list and your name was not shortlisted, you can check through this portal using the procedure below to confirm your name.

How To Confirm Your Name In The N-Power Shortlist 2021

  1. Visit the N-Power shortlist portal @ https://npower-fmhds-gov-ng.web.app
  2. You will be directed to enter your email address. So, ensure that you enter the email address with which you used to apply for the recruitment.
  3. Also, you are to enter your phone number. In the same way, enter the phone number you provided while applying for N-Power recruitment 2020.
  4. Click on the VERIFY button.
  5. If your name is in the list, it will appear. Else, it will notify you that your name is not on the list.

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What To Do If Your Name Is Not In The List

If your name is not on the list, do not panic or worry because there might still be hope of you getting shortlisted.

This is what you should do;

  • You should keep revisiting the site because N-Power shortlist comes in batches and you might get lucky to be on the next batch.
  • Also, you should bookmark this page and visit frequently because this site is always updated with N-Power news.
  • Furthermore, candidates are advised to enter correct email address and phone numbers which was originally used to apply.

Meanwhile, your questions and comments on N-Power shortlist are always welcomed and will be given due attention and response promptly.

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