Abia Poly Cut Off Marks for 2021/2022 Admissions

AbiaPoly Cut-Off Mark For 2021/2022 Academic Session.

Abia poly have released their cut off mark for 2021/2022 academic session.

Students usually ask for school’s cut-off mark and this is important because it could help the student prepare.

JAMB cut-off mark for a school is the general cut-off mark to gain eligibility to apply for that school. One can therefore reach up to the school’s cut-off mark but not the departmental cut-off mark.

This can explain why a student might pass JAMB and yet not gain admission into their choice of course.  Sometimes, the student is totally not given any admission at all.

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Nevertheless, we are here to help you list out the departmental cut-off marks so that students would not be taken unawares.

These information provided here would be considered vital because you can prepare to m meet up to your choice of course aggregate.

JAMB Cut Off Mark for  ABIA Poly 2021

Well, like I said earlier, JAMB cut-off could be different from departmental cut-off mark.  However, the JAMB cut-off for higher institutions vary, but institutions have to work with JAMB to reach an agreement.

That is why Abia state polytechnic reached an agreement with JAMB to cut 140 as its cut-off mark.

We would still be looking at the departmental cut-off marks for different departments in Abia polytechnic.

If you scored 140 in JAMB and the cut-off mark for your choice of course is 150, do not be scared, I will be sharing to solve this.

You will also know how to calculate your aggregate to check if you are qualified for your choice of course.  It is important to know this because it would enable you know if you met up with requirement or not.

AbiaPoly Departmental Cut Off Marks 2021

  • Accounting – 140
  • Architectural Technology – 150
  • Banking & Finance – 140
  • Building Technology – 145
  • Business Administration and Management – 140
  • Chemical Engineering – 150
  • Surveying & Geo-informatics – 150
  • Statistics – 140
  • Science Laboratory Technology – 150
  • Quantity Surveying – 150
  • Office Technology and Management – 140
  • Food Science Technology – 140
  • Estate Management – 140
  • Public Administration – 140
  • Electrical/Electronic Engineering-155
  • Computer Science – 150
  • English & Literary studies – 140
  • Education (All the education courses) – 140

How to Calculate Total Score

Let us take for example, you want to study Electrical /Electronics Engineering and your JAMB score is 140. From the cut-off mark listed above, we can see that Electrical /Electronics Engineering cuts 155. You do not need to panic as a result, rather try to score higher in post-utme. If you scored up to 170 in post-utme, add 140 (your JAMB score)  to 160(your post-utme) score. You would be having  total score of 310, then, divide 310 by two, this would give you 155. Your total aggregate is therefore 155 and you finally qualify to study Electronic/Electrical Engineering.

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Note: this write-up was based in 2021/2022 cut-off mark because 2021/2022 cut-off mark has not been official yet.  This site would be updated as soon as the release of 2021/2022 Abia polytechnic cut-off marks.

I hope these information have been helpful to you, if it has, do well to share with others who might find it beneficial.

Kindly, drop your comments and ask questions in our comment box below for more enquires.

Thank you!


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