Federal Road Safety Corp Salary Structure and Ranks 2021

FRSC Salary 2021. Federal Road Safety Corp Salary Structure And Ranks 2021. See The Organizational Structure Too!.

It is very important that anyone who wants to apply for a job with the federal road safety to make some inquiries.

On this note, inquiring about the salary structure and ranks is not a bad idea and is in-fact a primary thing to know before applying for recruitment.

Hence, this post will give you details of the salary structure of the federal road safety corps and also the different ranks.

About Federal Road Safety Corp

The Federal Road Safety Corp (FRSC) is one of the paramilitary institutions in Nigeria and is in charge of ensuring safety for road transporters.

When was FRSC founded — The federal road safety corps was founded in the year 1988

Country — Nigeria

Executive body — Boboye Olayemi Oyeyemi

Headquarters — No3 Maputo Street, Zone 3, Wuse, Abuja.

FRSC Website www.frsc.gov.ng

Duties Of FRSC

  • issuance of drivers license for road transporters.
  • Ensuring safety of road for road transporters and road users
  • Teaching road users the road safety rules and precautions against road casualties.
  • Providing road side clinics in case of a casualty.
  • Regulating and monitoring the compliance of road users and transporters towards the rules and regulations.

Federal Road Safety Salary Structure

  • Chief Inspector (CI) — N1405449
  • Deputy chief Inspector (DCI) — N1325234
  • Assistant Chief Inspector (ACS) — N1252038
  • Principal Marshall Inspector (PMI)— N1143539
  • Senior Marshall Inspector — N1058526
  • Marshall Inspector (MI) — N777876
  • Marshall Inspector I (MI-I)— N393442
  • Marshall Inspector II (MI-II)— N966761
  • Marshall Inspector III (MI-III)— N548387
  • Chief Road Marshall Assistant (CRMA)— N387428
  • Deputy Road Marshall Assistant (DRMA)— N1405449
  • Senior Road Marshall Assistant (SRMA)— N966761
  • Road Marshall Assistant I (RMA-I)— N349,000
  • Road Marshall Assistant III (RMA-III)— N319,000
  • Road Marshall Assistant III (RMAIII)— N305000.

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FRSC Ranks

For non-commissioned officers;

  • Corp Marshall
  • Deputy Corp Marshall
  • Assistant Corp Marshall
  • Corp Commanders
  • Deputy Corp Commander
  • Assistant Corp Commanders
  • Chief Route Commander
  • Superintendent Route Commander
  • Deputy Route Commander
  • Assistant Route Commander

For Non-commissioned Officers And Junior Marshalls

  • Chief Road Marshall Assistant (CRMA)
  • Deputy Chief Road Marshall Assistant (DCRMA)
  • Senior Road Marshall Assistant (SRMA)
  • Road Marshall Assistant I (RMA-I)
  • Road Marshall Assistant II (RMA-II)
  • Road Marshall Assistant III (RMA-III)

Senior Non-commissioned Officers

  • Chief Inspector (CI)
  • Deputy Chief Inspector (DCI)
  • Assistant Chief Inspector (ACI)
  • Principal Marshal Inspector (PMI)
  • Senior Marshall Inspector (SMI)

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