www.chymall.net Trade | Chy Mall Login, Registration and Review 2022

www.chymall.net still remains the official portal login for Chy Mall. This post will explain everything you need to know about the e-commerce trading and how to join chymall today.

At Chy Mall, you can earn money without referring anyone  by trading every 10 days. Moreover, you can also auto trade for 50 or 100 days whereby your profits automatically drops every 10 days without you lifting a finger.

Is Chy Mall a Get Rich Quick Business or Scam?

I know a lot of you will think the platform is a scam. But the explanation you will read on this article will help you determine if it is real or not. Chy mall started some months back and new members are trading registering everyday. See what chymall founders have to tell you below.

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Facts About Chy Mall – E-commerce portal 2022

Here are few things you should know before you join chymall today.

  1. Own mobile App for trading.
  2. Even if you decide to refer, you get handsomely rewarded. Lots of awards and cash, up for grabs.
  3. No compulsory selling. Company sells products for you on their platform and pays you your profit. Its hassle-free.
  4. No auto ship. There is no compulsory buying before you earn.
  5. Same day withdrawal. ChY Mall withdrawal is the fastest I have seen.

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How To Withdraw On Chy Mall?

Chy mall withdrawal is very easy. The trading capital can be withdrawn at any time. Note that, when you withdraw your trading capital, u won’t be able to trade to earn every 10 days until you fund your capital back.

Moreover, you can withdraw your earnings through Local currency, dollars / USD, Bitcoin and other means.

How To Register / Become Chymall Member

To become a member, you first have to own a shop on the mall through registration. Joining Chymall is easier than you think.

The online platform have various packages that you can choose from or buy, but the size of your shop determines your earnings every 10 days.

After the registration you now own a shop at the mall, but you have to stock your shop with products or goods for Century Heng Yue to sell it for you.

For example, If you buy a shop or a container you have to stock it with goods before you can start selling to make profit right? Same applies to CHY Mall.

How To login Chy Mall 2021

To log into chymall site, you must visit the website using any web browser or type www.chymall.net on Google. The login dashboard will not open if you type www.chymall.com

You can take advantage of what CHY Mall and Sairui offers, to make good money for yourself. Everyday is money day in CHY Mall and a healthy living with Sairui products and other products that CHY Mall has to offer.

Important Notice: This is different from Chy Mall Investment that is currently trending online where you can invest 10k to get 20k and vise versa.

We hope this detailed post is helpful to you.

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