Find Out Nigerian Army Salary Structure And Ranks 2022

Find Out Nigerian Army Salary Structure And Ranks In Nigeria.

The Nigerian Army is indeed a well respected military agency in Nigeria and has a considerable salary structure which could be attractive.

Well, some people over rate the salary structure while others undermine the Nigerian Army salary structure. However, there is no need for guess work again because you will see the actual salary structure in this post.

Moreover, you will not only see the salary structure but also the rank structure as the Nigerian Army are paid according to ranks.

Of course, the higher the rank you get in the Nigerian Army, the higher your salary. Meaning, your salary increases as your rank levels up.

  • Are you considering entering the Nigerian Army?
  • Do you want to find out what the salary structure for the Nigerian Army is?
  • Better still, you want to know the different ranks in the Nigerian Army

If yes, then, you are on the right site because we will discuss about this extensively.

In addition, we will answer the following questions;

  • How much is Nigerian military salary?
  • Who is the highest paid military in Nigeria?
  • What Rank Is one eagle in Nigeria?
  • What is the rank structure of the Army?

The Nigerian Army Rank Structure

The rank structure of the Nigerian Army is divided into two categories or it is categorized into two divisions. So, kindly read below to the the different ranks in the Nigerian Army from the highest to the lowest.

Non-commissioned Officers

  1. Master Warrant Officer
  2. Warrant Officer
  3. Staff Sergeant
  4. Sergeant
  5. Corporal
  6. Lance Corporal
  7. Private
  8. Recruit

Commissioned Officers

  1. Field Marshal.
  2. General.
  3. Lieutenant General.
  4. Major General.
  5. Brigadier General.
  6. Colonel.
  7. Lieutenant Colonel.
  8. Major.
  9. Captain.
  10. First Lieutenant.
  11. Second Lieutenant.

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That being said, it is important that we now see the way these ranks are being paid or the salary structure based on the aforementioned ranks.

Nigerian Army Salary Structure

1 Field Marshal Yet to be attained
2 General N1,500.000
3 Lieutenant General N1,000,000
4 Major General N950,000
5 Brigadier General N750,000
6 Colonel N550,000
7 Lieutenant Colonel N350,000
8 Major N300,000
9 Captain N220,000
10 Lieutenant N180,000
11 Second Lieutenant N120,000
1 Warrant Officer Class 1 N90,000
2 Warrant Officer Class 2 N80,000
3 Staff Sergeant N68,000
4 Sergeant N63,000
5 Corporal N58,000
6 Lance – corporal N55,000
7 Private N49,000
8 Recruit N/A

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