COVID-19: Coronavirus Isolation Centers In Nigeria & Their Location

Originally posted 2020-05-07 07:21:54.

The Coronavirus pandemic is spreading rapidly in Nigeria. Schools and other social activities that will encourage public gathering are currently on standstill. The federal government through the Nigeria Center For Disease Control (NCDC) warned all citizens to avoid irrelevant social gathering while the make adequate preparation to control the spread of COVID-19.

One of the most important thing Nigerian government is doing to control ths spread and treatment of COVID-19 patients is building more isolation centers nationwide. This post will show you Coronavirus isolation centers in Nigeria and their locations

Anyone who shows the symptoms are taking to isolation center for quarantine and treatment. Moreover, NCDC is also converting private building / establishment to isolation center.


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Coronavirus Isolation Centers In Nigeria

There are isolation centers across all states in Nigeria. However, Lagos State have the highest number of cases followed by Kano state. This means states with more confirmed cases will have highest number of treatment centers

Kindly be informed that COVID-19 is spreading more in Northern and Western part of Nigeria than any other regions.

Here are list of states in Nigeria with COVID-19 isolation / treatment centers.

  1. Abia State
  2. Adamawa State
  3. Akwa Ibom State
  4. Anambra State
  5. Bauchi State
  6. Bayelsa State
  7. Benue State
  8. Borno State
  9. Cross River
  10. Delta State
  11. Ebonyi State
  12. Edo State
  13. Ekiti State
  14. Enugu State
  15. FCT (Federal Capital Territory)
  16. Gombe State
  17. Imo State
  18. Jigawa State
  19. Kaduna State
  20. Kano State
  21. Katsina State
  22. Kebbi State
  23. Kogi State
  24. Kwara State
  25. Lagos State
  26. Minna State
  27. Nassarawa State
  28. Niger State
  29. Ogun State
  30. Ondo State
  31. Osun State
  32. Oyo State
  33. Plateau State
  34. Rivers State
  35. Sokoto State
  36. Taraba State
  37. Yobe State
  38. Zamfara State

All states are taking adequate measures to stop / prevent the spread of Coronavirus by implementing lockdown and curfew.

Make sure you mind the states you travel to. Kindly call NCDC toll free number if you or someone you know have any of the signs / symptoms listed above

The Nigeria Center For Disease Control (NCDC) phone numbers to call are

  1. Free of charge — 080097000010
  2. WhatsApp Number — 07087110839
  3.  Text message / SMS — 08099555577
  4. Call — 07036708970

Remember! Stay home, stay safe!!.

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