5 keys To Build A Long Lasting Relationship

Originally posted 2020-08-31 12:56:29.

Image Things you need to know in  relationship to make it work.

Questions about Relationships are questions that never seize with seasons.

Day in and day out, people get themselves in a “romantic relationship and yet do not enjoy any form of romance.

This has become a thing of attention and that is why I want to use this medium to treat relationship issues.

Before we get down to how we can make a failed or boring relationship work, let us know what a relationship actually mean.


the word relationship is gotten from the word “RELATE” which involves two or more people.  This means that a relationship is a connection or means of association between two or more people.

Relationships can be identified based on what bonds the relationship or what causes the connection.

For example;

  • Relationship among workers is called colleagues
  • Relationship among family is bonded by blood
  • Relationship between a seller and a buyer is business
  • Relationship out of likeness for the other person could be friendship.
  • A relationship between husband and wife is marriage.
  • A Relationship that exist between two or more people who find themselves attracted to one another is LOVE.
  • FRIENDSHIP and LOVE  are very vital especially for a romantic kind of relationship that can exist in marriage or that can lead to marriage.

Friendship is a relationship between friends. It is a bed rock for love to grow before it can bear fruits like romance and marriage.

One thing which is common in all the kinds of relationship is UNDERSTANDING.

this brings us to our first key to building a long lasting spicy relationship.

5 Keys To A Long Lasting Relationship

1. Understanding

Both partners need to first understand what kind of relationship exists between them.  There should be mutual understanding of aim, goals, character and attitude.

Also, understanding your partner will make living with them easier and better,  therefore building up a strong relationship.

2. Mutual interest

In a relationship, If the both partners do not share a common or mutual interest, the difference in interest might cause a conflict. Couples are advised to know what their partners likes and dislikes as this will bring about  mutual understanding, hence, improve the relationship.

3. Communication

The importance of communication in a relationship can never be over emphasised. Communication eliminates unhealthy assumptions which can break or make a relationship fragile.

It is better to talk about what you do not understand about your spouse than assume an answer which might cause a harm to your relationship.

4. Avoid being parasitic

In a relationship, once love is not reciprocated, it fades. A Parasitic kind of relationship exists when one of the partners are always at the receiving end at the expense of the other.

A relationship is supposed to be mutual for the feelings of both persons to be protected. If for any reason the other person feels he/she is always giving than receiving, then a problem might arise.

Even though  a relationship which is built on love and understanding doesn’t count who gives more, it is still not advisable on a long run to always be the receiver.

5. Friendship

For a relationship to last, the friendship part should never be neglected.  In fact, most relationships suffer lapses because of the boring activities as a result of lack of friendship.

Friendship in a relationship play the role of egg in dough, it is a binding agent. It gives the both partners a time to feel young and have a feel of relaxation in each other’s company.

In summary, for a relationship to last, both partners should understand themselves, build a mutual interest, communicate when necessary, reciprocate love and maintain friendship.

With these, your relationship can be ever fresh and young as though it was built yesterday.

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