Symptoms Of Coronavirus | How To Protect Myself From COVID-19

Originally posted 2020-12-21 13:39:19.

The Coronavirus 2019 pandemic has spread to over 180 countries worldwide. Some of the worst affected countries includes; America, Italy, China, Iran and South Africa.

Coronavirus symptoms

This post will give you more details on symptoms of COVID-19 and how to avoid it. The world health organization (WHO) warned that the pandemic is capable of wiping out a whole country if proper preventive measures is not taken.

Update: Coronavirus is absolutely real. Some people have experienced some symptoms of covid-19 without knowing what the problem was and it disappeared after few weeks. Do what you can to protect yourself!.

How Do I Protect Myself?

The best practices is washing your hands often with soap and running water.

Coronavirus spread when an infected person cough or sneeze small droplets packed with the viruses into the air.

These can be breathed in or cause infection when you come in contact with the droplets. This makes the virus very easy to contract. However, there is no prove that COVID-19 is airborne.

We recommend you always wear your face masks if you must go out in public. Moreover, facemask do not provide adequate protection. It can only help to reduce the spread of the deadly infection.

How To Prevent Myself From Contracting The Virus

The below practices will reduce the risks of individuals contracting COVID-19.

  • Wash your hands with soap and under running water
  • Use sanitizer gel
  • Avoid touching your face, nose mouth, eye and ears with unwashed hands
  • Avoid close contact with people that are unwell

How To Stop Or Prevent The Spread Of Coronavirus

  • Catch cough and sneezes with disposable tissues
  • If you don’t have a tissue, use your sleeves
  • Throw away used tissues
  • Kindly contact your local center for disease control for treatment.

Symptoms Of Coronavirus Virus

The below are proven symptoms of COVID-19 according to experts

Generally, Coronavirus infect the lungs. However, it starts with fever followed by dry cough, sneezing which further lead to breathing problems.

It takes fewer than five days to start showing these symptoms while longer depending on individuals.

Also, the incubation period is 14 days (2 weeks). During this period, infected persons can spread the virus without knowing. So it is recommended you stay home and stay safe.

People have also reported lost of sense of smell and taste which make the virus more deadly. Not everyone who tested positive show symptoms at early stages.

More updates coming soon!.

We hope this detailed article on symptoms of Coronavirus is helpful to you.

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Stay home & stay safe!.

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